5 Tips To Safely Settle Your Dog Into a New Home

Dog moving
Things are bound to change with a move, but try not to change up your dog’s routine too much.

5 Tip To Safely Settle Your Dog Into Your New Home

Author: Cindy Aldridge

If you have dog, you already know how sensitive he can be to change, so it comes as no surprise that moving can be a little stressful for him. Sure, for some dogs, the new smells can be exciting, but for others, they can be downright frightening. If you have a sensitive dog and are preparing for a move, or if this is your first move with your dog, a little work on your part may save a lot of stress for your pup. You can start with these steps.


Have a Plan for Your Dog on Moving Day

You know that face your dog makes when you pack a suitcase? Well imagine the looks you’ll get when the entire house is packed up. On top of that, there may be strangers in the house helping you move and lots of wide open doors. With all of the commotion going on, it may be best to find a secure spot for your pet to stay. If you have to keep your dog around during the move, clear out a room and put him in a crate in there while you move. Don’t forget to play some soothing music to cover up all the strange sounds. A little bit of separation from your pup is worth knowing your dog won’t escape and won’t get too stressed out.


Try to Wear Your Dog Out Before the First Night

By the time you and your dog get to the new place, you’ll be pretty tired, but the combination of being in a crate or car all day and discovering a new place is likely to leave your pup pretty wired. So before you settle in for the night, take your dog for a nice long walk around the neighborhood or get out for a play session at a local park. Dogs tend to get pretty anxious in new places, but tiring them out is a good way to ease their apprehension while ensuring whining or pacing doesn’t keep you awake.


Don’t Trash All Your Dog’s Old Toys

Moving is a great excuse to declutter and get rid of your old, worn-out belongings. But you may want to think twice about doing the same for your dog. Dogs experience the world through their sense of smell, and they tend to be comforted when something smells familiar. In a new house, having his old bed and a few favorite toys can help put him at ease. Of course, you don’t have to keep everything. Just try to wait until your pup has settled in to really sort through and replace his things.


Keep Your Dog on a Regular Routine

Things are bound to change with a move, but try not to change up your dog’s routine too much. Keep feedings at roughly the same times and maintain any activity schedules. Finding it hard to fit in as many walks or working longer hours than usual? You may want to look into finding a dog walker (costs range from $20 – $40 an hour) or doggy daycare to help out on busy days. Hiring help can take some pressure off you and ensure that your dog is getting enough exercise to stay healthy and relaxed.


Make Sure Your Dog Is Safe in Your New Home

Chances are you thought about safety in your new neighborhood, but did you think about how to keep your dog safe as well? A new area means new people and new animals, and you never know how they might react to your dog, especially if he roams into other yards. Of course, you should always keep your dog on leash on walks, but the best way to keep your dog on your property is to have a fence. It costs an average of $1,311 to $3,602 to install or build a fence in Longmont, CO, if you don’t already have one, and you and your dog will be happy with the freedom and privacy it provides.

Moving to a new house is a big change, but it’s an exciting one as well, as long as you’re prepared. So get ready for this new adventure and have fun along the way!


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